KAP and CHDK/SDM Java Utilities

This page describes various java utilities I've written since taking up KAP. Most of them provide support for CHDK and SDM - mechanisms for enhancing the power of many of the newer Canon Powershot cameras.

CHDK and SDM Utilities

A Rewrite in java of a program I wrote 30 years ago!

Back in early 1984 I wrote a PC-DOS program called CABLE. Thirty years later, here's BAFFLE, a java program with similar capabilities. It runs under OSX, Windows and Linux.

Support for the clickPAN-SDM device

Configurator for 6 channel Programmable R/C Transmitter


AT KAPiFrance125, held near Labruguiere (where Arthur Batut took the first Kite Aerial Photos in 1888) in October 2013, I gave three presentations. You can download them here.

Obsolete or Experimental

I hope you find these useful. Comments, suggestions and bug reports welcome. dave@zenoshrdlu.com

All of these programs are freeware, but if you've found any of them useful and would like to thank the author, you can make a donation to show your appreciation for the many hours spent writing them.

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