Editing CHDK CFG Files

I've rewritten my PC-based Editor for CHDK configuration files (CHDK.CFG) that lets you browse and edit configuration files, displaying values in readable form. In fact there are now two editors - one lets you edit all entries, the other just OSD entries. Both are table-driven (by the same table) so that when new features are added to CHDK all that is needed is updating the table. Both editors are written in pure java and should run under Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

The main editor looks like this:

Note: the CHDK version now displays Scale entries which contain 2 numeric values. A new specialized edit box (not shown) allows these to be edited.

and the OSD Editor looks like this:

To run these programs download this zip file and unzip it. You'll get a folder called CHDKCFG containing the two editors (chdkcfg.jar and chdkosd.jar) and the shared table they both use (chdktable.properties). To run either editor just double-click the appropriate jar file.

Exporting and Importing Entries:

The "Save OSD values in a text file ..." button of the OSD Editor lets you save OSD entries in a text file. They can then be imported into a CFG file using the "Merge saved OSD items ..." buttons of the OSD and CFG Editors. While you can edit the values in the text file, you are strongly advised not to create an import file from scratch, but to edit one produced by the OSD Editor.

Each line is either a comment, starting with an asterisk or an update line having the form:

     nnn : item description = xx,yy


is the numeric identifier of an OSD entry (these 'ids' are defined in the CHDK source file conf.c)
this colon is a required separator, without it the line will be rejected
'item description'
is the 'title' of the OSD item - its value is ignored when importing
this equals sign is a required separator, without it the line will be rejected
is the new x co-ordinate of the top left of the item
is the new y co-ordinate of the top left of the item

Note that if 'nnn', 'xx' or 'yy' are not simple integers, the line will be rejected.

Version History

Extra Features:

Both editors have some extra features that can be enabled by changing their properties file, "chdkcfgeditor.properties" or "chdkosd.properties", (which you will find in the same folder as once you've run them). These features are:

The editors output a debug log when they terminate (chdkeditlog.txt or chdkosdlog.txt).

See here for details of the format of the table used by the editors.

Comments, suggestions and bug reports welcome - Dave@zenoshrdlu.com

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