CFGEDIT - An Editor for CHDK.CFG Files

Note: this page is now obsolete - a new version of the editor (and its companion editor that just lets you edit the OSD items) is available here. The new SDM editors are available here.

CFGEDIT is a PC-based Editor CHDK configuration files (CHDK.CFG) that runs under Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. It lets you browse and edit configuration files, displaying values in readable form. Here's what it looks like when it's running (under OSX on a Mac):

CFGEDIT is written in Java. All you need to do is to download the jar file into any convenient directory and then double-click it to run the editor. For OSX users, an App version is also available.

There's also a special version for the SDM (StereoData Maker) CHDK build. This version is packaged with SDM and described here but you can download it here as well:

Last update to CHDK version - to match build 1658 - February 2012

Last update to SDM Version - to match build 1.85/6 - March 2012

Comments, suggestions and bug reports welcome.

See here for other KAP and CHDK stuff of mine.