Zeno's Freeware

I've been writing software since 1968, but there's nothing here from the first 15 years of my life in computing - most of which was spent in the world of main-frames - teaching people about OS/360, DL/I and CICS, using languages like Fortran, PL/I, BAL and Rexx, with the occasional bit of COBOL. I also spent a lot of time teaching program and later systems design.

In 1978 I won a Research Machines 380Z in a Computer Weekly competition and I've been writing software for personal computers ever since. I started writing for the IBM PC more or less from its beginning in 1981, but it wasn't until 1983 that I wrote anything that anyone else really found useful. At the end of that year I wrote a program that many people all over the world still use. You'll find it here along with several other old PC DOS Assembler programs.

In 1984-85 I wrote An Adventure in Programming Techniques a book on Adventure Game Programming (long out of print). You'll find an odd relic of that here.

Currently I only write in Java, so there's quite a bit of java here.