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IBM Hursley Lab

I'm known to many people as ZENO because for much of my IBM career that was my email ID. When I retired from IBM in January 2000, it seemed a good idea to keep that nickname. Since is not an available domain, I've tacked 'shrdlu' on the end.

Back in the 1970's I was very impressed by Terry Winograd's ground-breaking book on computer linguistics - "Understanding Natural Language" in which a programmed robot called 'shrdlu' is used to test Winograd's theories. I used the name for a robot in my own book on programming.

Actually, Winograd called it 'shrdlu' after the letters at the right end of the top row of a typesetting machine - rather than the "QWERTYUIOP" of a typewriter, on such machines the letters were "ETAOINSHRDLU".

Lotus Development, Cambridge MA

For nearly 50 years I spent much of my time programming (see my old resumé for a brief outline of my skills and experience). I've also spent quite a lot of time writing and presenting papers and tutorials, and you'll find downloadable copies of some of these too.

On this web site there's quite a bit of freeware that you may find useful (see here for example).