David Mitchell - A Brief Resumé

Skills, Strengths and Experience

   very rapid prototyping in Java

   software architecture, design and development

   highly skilled presenter and developer of programming education

   experienced technical writer

   very knowledgeable on CSCW (Computer Supported Co-operative Work)

Recent Projects

   2000-2001 consultant and developer

   1999 java developer

   1996-1998 on assignment to Lotus Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts

   1995-1996 consultant and educator in IBM Center for Java Technology

   1989-1995 architect and developer on various IBM desktop conferencing systems

   1988 architect and developer on Object Rexx project

   1987-1989 designer and co-developer of LPEX

Software Product Experience

   Languages and Tools (back to 1985)

   Operating Systems (back to 1985)


Selected Recent Publications

  1. D. Mitchell, "A Component Approach to Embedded Awareness and Conversation" , WETICE 98, Stanford, CA, 1998 (available as Lotus Research Technical Report 98-08)
  2. M. Day, J. Patterson, D. Mitchell, "The Notification Service Transfer Protocol (NSTP): infrastructure for synchronous groupware" , Computer Networks & ISDN Systems 29, Elsevier, 1997
  3. D. Mitchell, "A Java Tutorial" , (available as Lotus Research Technical Report 97-01)
  4. D. Mitchell, "Agents in Real-Time Collaborative Systems" , Proc. SPIE Conference on Multimedia and Full-Service Networks, Philadelphia, PA, October 1995.
  5. B. Aldred, H. Lambert, D. Mitchell, A. Nakajima, "Real-Time Collaboration - past, present and future" , Telecom 95 Technology Summit, Geneva, Switzerland, October 1995
  6. B. Aldred, G. Bonsall, H. Lambert, D. Mitchell, "An Architecture for Multimedia Communication and Real-Time Collaboration", IBM Systems Journal, Vol. 34 Issue 3, Autumn 1995
  7. D. Mitchell, "An Adventure in Programming Techniques" Addison-Wesley, 1986, ISBN 0-201-15030



Vital Statistics