Simple Tool for Installing CHDK (STICK)
for Windows, OSX and Linux (Ubuntu)


The 'Prepare' Page

If you click the "continue to Install Step: button, STICK will display a screen showing what needs to be done to prepare the card - like this:

Because the A570 camera is an older model, CHDK cannot be made 'bootable' unless there is a FAT16 partition (post-2011 cameras can boot from FAT32 cards), so STICK will have to format this 8Gb card with two partitions - a small FAT16 one which will contain DISKBOOT.BIN and a much larger FAT32 one which will contain all the other CHDK files (scripts, fonts etc) as well as all the photos. Note that each partition requires a label, so STICK will make sure one is provided for the larger one. You can also change the label of the small partition.

STICK will also have to make the card 'bootable' (by writing the string "BOOTDISK" in a particular location of the card's boot sector). Finally it will have to copy the files that were downloaded in Step 2.

Note that STICK will ask you to confirm the formatting before it does so.

Note for Windows Users: if the card has two partitions, Windows will only let you (or STICK) access one of them at a time. Since STICK has to format and/or copy files to both partitions, this means it will need to 'switch' partitions and the switching process requires the card to be removed and re-inserted (so that Windows can recognise the partition). STICK will prompt you to remove and re-insert the card and will wait until you have done so.

You can now click the "Back to Scan Step" button if you've inserted the wrong card, but if you click the "Install CHDK" button STICK will proceed with the install, during which it will display this screen telling you what's happening.