Simple Tool for Installing CHDK (STICK)
for Windows, OSX and Linux (Ubuntu)


The 'Startup' Page

When you start STICK, the screen should look something like this:

At this point STICK is waiting for you to drag a photo from a folder on your computer and drop it on the pink part of the window. The photo you drop must be a JPG taken with the camera you are going to use with CHDK, and it must not have been altered with photo editing software in a way that destroys the camera information within the JPG. Note that before you drop a photo you can choose which build version STICK will try to locate when a photo is dropped by checking the appropriate choice box.

If drag-and-drop fails to work you can use the 'Browse' button to select a JPG file.

When you drop a photo STICK will analyse it and display the next screen.

If at any time you click the "Show Log" button, STICK will display the log window which looks like this:

The log displays all the messages which have appeared in the message line while STICK has been running and, if the 'debug' option in the file is set to 'yes', a lot more information about what happened.