Save Our Space

Part of the Southern Area, with the overgrown "Bungalow Garden" in the foreground and Maudlin Road running across the centre. Almost all of the trees in the bottom part of this picture will be felled as part of the development.

Welcome to the Save Our Space website. We believe that the Outline Planning Application by South Hams District Council for the Southern Area of Totnes. has major flaws. This website is part of our campaign for a better plan for the area. We hope it encourages you to support our efforts.

If you haven't already done so, please write to the council to inform them of your views.

On these pages you will find:

  1. Latest News - updated 15th December
  2. Details of the SOS Public Meeting held at the Civic Hall on 8th December (NEW)
  3. Who we are
  4. Details of the Outline Planning Application
  5. Maps and pictures of the area concerned
  6. A list of our objections to the plan as published (you may find these helpful when writing your own letter of objection)
  7. Our vision for Leechwell Park - what is now the 'Bungalow Garden'
  8. Dates for Public Meetings (see here for what happened at past meetings)
  9. Links to useful web-sites

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This website is maintained by David Mitchell, who is also responsible for almost all the photographs (for details of how the aerial views - such as the one above - were obtained, see here). All suggestions for improvement are welcome!