Elph Rig Parts

1 On/Off switch
2 camera frame (note plywood lining the base)
3 battery
4 pan servo (modified for continuous rotation)
5 shutter servo with 'finger'
6 tilt servo
7 1/4 inch plastic bolt to secure camera (from micro plastics, inc.)
8 gear for pan servo
9 pan axle, with gear. The gear and picavet suspension (not shown) are locked using split pins. The thumbscrews are just for safety.
10 main frame which holds the battery, receiver and pan and tilt servos. The pan-axle bushing and brackets for the battery, receiver, tripod legs and on-off switch are pop-riveted in place
11 35Mhz receiver 6-channel receiver (3 used)
12 self-tapping screws to hold servos in place
13 tilt axle, with plastic bushes.

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