Zeno's Customised KAP Transmitter

Second-hand R/C equipment can be picked up cheaply on EBAY's UK site. For 12 pounds (20 dollars) I bought another Sanwa transmitter, just like the one I was already using, and customised it for KAP.

The electronics were distributed across two boards with all the controls - joysticks and switches - attached to one and the battery, power meter, crystal and aerial to the other. The two boards were joined by just four wires. My customising consisted in packaging each board into a separate box, with the battery in with the transmitter part and the three KAP controls - pan, tilt and shutter on the other. I also put a shot counter (a 4 digit LCD connected to the shutter button, but with its own 1.5v supply) into the latter. The two boxes are connected by a telephone handset cable (which happens to have 4 wires).

I also repackaged the 2.4GHz video receiver (bought from Maplins) to simplify the task of using the video downlink. I was able to fit it in a smaller box and use a telephone handset cord to provide 5v power and the necessary video signal to a detachable Sony viewfinder (for a camcorder) bought very cheaply (1.20 pounds - around 2 dollars!) on Ebay.

The picture at the right shows all four units - KAP controller, transmitter, receiver and viewfinder - connected together. All are powered from the 8-cell NiCads in the transmitter box.

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