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When we moved to Totnes in March 2002, I got very interested in taking photos of our house. The site is very steep - there's a difference in elevation of 70 feet or so between the top of our back garden and the bottom of the front - and several trees, including a very tall Eucalyptus, block the view of our house and garden from the nearest road. While this gives us privacy, it makes it almost impossible to photograph the site from the ground, so I started thinking of other ways.

I had always been interested in kites and before long I discovered Kite Aerial Photography, KAP, on the web, particularly Cris Benton's wonderful site. You'll find aerial pictures of our house (which has been undergoing extensive building work over the last year) here.

Some time ago I reorganised these KAP pages - I hope you'll find them easier to navigate. They are organised under the following headings:


Kites, rigs (including some construction details), cameras, what's in my gear bag,accidents etc).

Selected Photos

Some photos I've taken (which will eventually migrate to the thematic pages).


Most of my photos are now organised thematically - townscapes, coastlines, monuments and so on ...

Map of Locations

... but you can also access them by location, by clicking on a map.

You can find more of my KAP photos on Flickr

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