Zeno's KAP Gear Bag

My Gear Bag was bought at Totnes Market for 4 (around 7 dollars). It's about 48 x 22 x 25 cm (18" x 9" x 10") in size and holds:
  1. a FlowForm 16 in a bag
  2. a FlowForm 30 in a bag (I manage to squeeze it into the same size bag as the FF 16)
  3. a bag containing a 22 foot frilly tail, in two pieces (12 feet and 10 feet long) which can be velcroed together
  4. a reel with 500 feet of Climax dacron line (breaking strength 250 pounds). I have another reel with 500 feet of lighter line with a breaking strength of 160 pounds.
  5. a plastic box holding my rig and picavet suspension
  6. a dog stake
  7. two climber's straps (one short, one long) with 4 carabiners, a walkdown pulley and a figure-8 descender
  8. a small box holding spare camera batteries, compact flash cards, a pair of R/C crystals (different channel) and some spare bits and pieces
  9. a 35Mhz R/C transmitter (see here for details of my customised transmitter).
  10. an anemometer
  11. a small multi-purpose tool (screwdriver, knife, pliers etc)
  12. a pair of gloves (these are fingerless gloves made for sailors)
  13. a 5 Megapixel Canon Digital Ixus 500 (not shown)

The total weight of bag plus contents is less than 10 pounds (5 kilos)

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