It's not easy to take KAP photographs of urban gardens but to me they are one of the most seductive subjects. I do recognise that there's a dangerous privacy line here though.

As usual, click on a picture to see a larger (800 by 600 pixel) version.

This garden is just across Leechwell Lane from our house.
Totnes gardens just off the Narrows.

Totnes gardens near the castle.
This is a small section from the image on the left, as it comes from the camera. Most of the pictures here are shown as 800 x 600 pixels but the originals are either 1600 x 1200 or 2592 x 1944.

More Totnes gardens near the castle. The structure straddling the road (top centre) is the ancient North Gate of the town. Note the dog near the umbrella near the centre of the picture - then look at the picture on the right.
Excerpts from four pictures, taken over a period of two minutes, showing a dog in one of the gardens in the picture at left. These pictures are as they come from the camera (i.e. not resized or compressed).

A high-level view of a number of gardens in southern Totnes, including our house (middle of the extreme right) and Maudlin Road (running across the top). All the gardens here slope steeply downwards. At the bottom of the picture the heavily treed area is the so-called "Bungalow Garden" - the subject of heated arguments over its possible development (see here).
A wall encloses three houses and their gardens just a stone's throw from the centre of Totnes (the car park at top right is part of the market square). The small house sandwiched between the red house at the left and the blue one on the right owns the first part of the extension that juts out into the garden space, but the piece further out belongs to the blue house.

Here's a rural as opposed to an urban site, just outside East Cornworthy - about 4 miles from Totnes. The house, just a few years old, is a "green oak" barn built by Carpenter Oak (whose workshop is just a stone's throw away).
Another view of the barn (which includes me, the owners and some friends).

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