Zeno's KAP Equipment

So far (Spring 2005) I've built three rigs. The first, a clumsy effort, was for an old 1.3 Megapixel Minolta. You'll find just a handful of pictures taken with that rig here. The picture on the left shows that rig (click on it for more detail). My second rig was built for a 2.1 Megapixel Canon Ixus (Elph) and until 21st May 2004 I had great success with it. Following that disaster I rebuilt the rig for a newly acquired 5 Megapixel Ixus. In the middle is a picture of rig 2 as it was in July 2004. Click on it for a set of pages describing its original construction. On the right are pictures of Rig 2 after the two accidents I had with it. You can read about them here. My current rig, Rig 3, is shown at bottom left - for more details see here.

Some notes I've written on UK Law as it applies to KAP are here.

Rig 1 - Minolta 1.3MP camera

Rig 2 - with Ixus 500

Rig 2 - after loss of 2MP Ixus

Rig 2 - after loss of 5MP Ixus

Rig 3 - with Pentax Optio S5i (at rig-balancing stage)

Details of kites I've bought are here.

Details of my customised transmitter are here.

Details of what's in my gear bag are here.

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