Coasts and Rivers

This page is the first of a series - the boundary between water and earth is a favourite subject of mine.

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This fine boat is moored (well, here it's beached) on the river Avon near Bantham.
A small boat on its way up the Dart near Totnes. The photo was taken in early September 2003.

This sandy beach at Mattiscombe can only be reached by walking a mile or so from the Start Point car park. Note the word "HAM" written in the sand and the long shadows. The photo was taken in early September 2003.
Two groups casting shadows on the beach at Mattiscombe. The photo was taken in early September 2004.

Looking north-east along Slapton Sands. In the foreground is the Start Bay Inn (great fish-and-chips!). On the left is Slapton Ley, the largest natural freshwater lake in the South-West of England. In the centre, at the start of the car park is the Slapton Tank Memorial (see right). The beach (fine shingle, not sand) stretches almost 3 miles.
The Sherman Tank Memorial at Slapton, commemorating a disaster during Exercise Tiger, a full-scale rehearsal for the D-Day landings. Over a thousand allied troops (mainly American) were killed as a result of both blunders by the Allied forces forces and enemy attack by German boats. The tank, sunk in the disaster, was hauled out of the sea forty years later. See here for more details.

A beach party on Slapton Sands in late July 2003
The boundary between the sea and the promenade at Torquay.

A two-family (Mitchells and Taylors) barbecue on Slapton Sands in early September 2004
More kite-dragging than kite-jumping, as the tracks in the sand indicate (early September 2004).

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