Phase 3 - Public Meeting and Exhibition

On Friday 10th September we will be holding a Public Meeting at the Methodist Hall, Totnes, starting at 7.30pm. This is the culmination of Stage 3 of the Community Action Planning Process.

At the meeting we will be outlining the brief given to the architects (which was the result of analysing the comments and questionnaires that came out of the 'Big Event'). The the architects, Peter Sutton and Bill Brown, will present their proposals. As well as being able to look at the plans in detail, you'll also have a chance to discuss them with the architects.

On Saturday 11th September, the exhibition will be moved to the DOS Office which will be open every day until Friday 17th September. Opening hours are not yet fixed, but the office should be open from about 2pm until about 8pm each day.

As before the will be an opportunity for you to comment on the plans - what you like and what you don't - before the final plans are delivered to South Hams District Council in early October.

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